4 Things To Consider When Buying A Voice Recorder

Ever since Thomas Edison invented the phonograph in the 1940s, there has been a fascination with sound recording. This fascination has only grown deeper as time has pressed on. Today, there’s a vast abundance of voice recorder on the market – you’d be spoilt for choice!

When purchasing a recording device, there are several factors you ought to consider. It’s important to write down your desired features before heading out to shop for a voice recorder.

The recording device is always the need of every person whether he’s a business person or a gamer. This recording itself a very important thing that plays a huge role in everyone’s life. It may help you to get out from trouble or it’s opposite may happen. 😛

Before You Buy a Digital Voice Recorder

So here’re the 4 factors that I’ve mentioned in this article that you should consider while buying a new Voice Recorder for any purpose. So follow this quick buying guide and you’ll be purchasing a good recording device.

1. Exquisite audio quality

If you intend to use your voice recorder to capture personal interviews, then it’s important to get a recorder that delivers an impeccable recording quality. World-renowned journalists rely on credible information from their sources when writing newspaper articles. Although it’s possible to write down quotes provided by a source, recording them verbatim retains the accuracy and integrity of their speech. Search for an audio recorder that has a good mic quality and a high bitrate to guarantee a clear sound quality when recording. Some recording devices feature an adjustable audio quality setting that allows users to select the precise sound quality they desire.

2. Sufficient storage space

Another important factor to consider when searching for a voice recorder is the storage space. Recorders with ample memory allow you to capture longer recordings, making them ideal for journalists. However, the recording quality and file type will influence how much memory is used up. The better the quality of your recording, the greater the storage space required. Gladly, most recording devices have inbuilt flash memory that provides enough space to hold lengthy recordings. Others include a memory card slot that comes in handy when you’re in need of extra memory. Get a voice recorder with ample storage options.

3. Portability

Today, voice recorders come in wide-ranging shapes and sizes. Earlier versions were bulkier and contained fewer functionalities compared to modern recorders. Interestingly, most smartphones these days contain a built-in voice recorder that’s just as effective as normal recording devices. If you’re searching for a simple recorder that possesses all the basic functions, get one that’s lightweight and convenient for carrying around. But if you’re interested in one with extra cutting-edge features, you’ll have to settle for a larger variety that weight around 10 ounces or more.

4. Extended battery life

The greatest advantage of using a voice recorder rather than a downloadable recording software is the lengthy battery life you enjoy. When you’re using a smartphone to record, its reduced battery life will severely jeopardize your recording session. You’ll probably need to carry a power bank to boost your phone’s charge, which only adds to the inconvenience. On the other hand, most voice recorders provide a prolonged battery life that could reach 48 hours or more. When selecting a recording device that can handle your journalistic tasks, get one that uses rechargeable batteries. Conventional batteries are rendered unusable after a few months and require a prompt replacement after they wear out. However, it boils down to your individual preference.

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