Destiny 2: Memory of Sai Mota Complete Guide

Post completion of the main story of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, there would be a number of endgame missions, and Memory of Sai Mota is one of those endgame missions. These endgame missions are meant to challenge you to unlock weapons and armor by completing certain events. This post is to get you accustomed to Memory of Sai Mota Quest.

Let’s begin the story…

In order to start Memory of Sai Mota Quest then you must first complete the main storyline of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. After completing it you must return to Eris Morn.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

After speaking to him only you can receive the Memory of Sai Mota Quests. You can also get your hands on the Lunar Spelunker Bounty while you are already here.

Completing Lunar Spelunker Bounty to Start the Memory of Sai Mota Quest

Actually you will need to complete the Lunar Spelunker Bounty. There are a few challenges thrown at you by this bounty and they are:

K1 Communion Lost Sector Loot

K1 Crew Quarters Lost Sector Loot          

K1 Logistics Lost Sector Loot.                       

You will receive a reward with the Firewall Data Fragment once you complete all three of the above mentioned Lost Sectors of the Bounty. It is a necessary component to start the Memory of Sai Mota mission.

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Reach the K1 Revelation Lost Sector

Once you are done with Lunar Spelunker bounty, you can take away the Firewall Data Fragment and head for K1 Revelation Lost Sector next. If you don’t know where this lost sector is then make your way to Sorrow’s Harbor location and head into the cave you find there.

Locate the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and acquire the Necklace

Keep going through the lost sectors until you reach the boss room. In the boss room there are two exits, take the one to the right. This one will take you to the Data Room.

Lost Sectors Points

When you walk up to the door you will need the Firewall Data Fragments that you collected earlier.

Select input Firewall Data Fragments and the door will open up. Once you go inside you will find a console.

Interact with the console and you will receive the item called the Sai Mota’s Broken Necklace. You can next head outside towards the exterior area of Sorrow’s Harbor holding the Necklace in your hand.

Collecting Sai Mota Necklace Scraps

With the necklace in your hand, you can now defeat the Nightmare enemies on the Moon using arc abilities. You can then collect 20 Sai Mota Necklace Scraps. After you have successfully completed this mission you will be able to unlock the Sai Mota’s Repaired Necklace. Now you can return to Sanctuary.

Contacting Eris

When you come back to the Sanctuary you may find Eris missing. In his place, there will be a portal. You can go through the portal and you will reach Eris. Once you reach there you can watch out for anything uncanny. Then you can give the necklace to eris.

When you give him the necklace you will then be able to access a chest. Open it to receive the Symphony of Death and A Fine Memorial weapon. With this, your mission of Memory of Sai Mota is over.


The memory of Sai Mota is not that easy. It is full of twists and turns and it is quite grinding. Be prepared for some heavy action and lots of stamina. But believe us the fun is also worth it. Hope our post was helpful. Please help us improve by suggestions. Thank you.