Escape From Tarkov Interchange Map Guide 2021

The Interchange Map Tarkov guide familiarizes you with this entire map. This is another map that was announced for the Escape From Tarkov. This map consisting of the 4 main areas. IDEA, OLI, Goshan, and the last is the remaining area we call it “Common Area” and here we go.

In this guide, we mainly highlight those 4 major areas sets in the huge shopping mall with the 3 main stores (IDEA, OLI, and Goshan), and the rest of the part is “Common Area” in Interchange map. The Takrov Interchange map is a key location for transport in the city featuring the industrial outskirts of the map.

The other map of Escape from Tarkov is pretty easier than this one. Like Woods map is the small area and has not so many places for exit and spawning but the Interchange map is large enough.

EFT Interchange Map Guide

The above map shows all areas of Interchange representing each floor of the shopping mall. The first one showing the top view or satellite view of the Interchange map. The second one is the basement or Mall Parking lot. The third one is the 1st floor of the mall and the last one is the 2nd floor where three major stores are placed. So this guide mainly focusing on the locations for loots, extraction points, spawn & exit points, and weapons.

Let’s take closure to the main area on the map. First, discover some of the exits points in tarkov interchange map.

There are a total of three exit points on this map. Your spawn location matters in exiting the map. If you spawn near to an exit then you’ll escape the map easily. So the first exit falls on the Southeast side of the map. There’s also an Emercom Checkpoint.

The second exit lies around the Railway side. The northwest of the map where you’ll find the railway yard and within this region, you’ll find another PMC exit point. If somehow you got lost in the map then don’t worry, just walk out along the outskirts of the map. Lastly, the third exit is the Car Exit point that also falls in the boundaries of the map.

The Mall Area:

This shopping mall is an extremely huge consisting of 4 parts the central common area of the Mall, IDEA, OLI, and Goshan located on the first floor.

The common area falls under the central part of the mall, to reach this central part of the mall we shall go through other entrances.

IDEA – Furniture Store

IDEA is a furniture store on the first floor of the shopping mall on the north side. You can enter the store from everywhere. To recognize if you’re in the IDEA, you’ll see the BLUE Coloring walls on the interiors of the IDEA furniture store. IDEA has the many loots including the 20 cash register and the other hardware loot.

Goshan – Grocery Store

Goshan is another major store in the huge shopping mall. This is the Grocery store having the coloring of Red Walls having shelf and docks. The dark place where you find the trash burning fire. Goshan has the 27 lootable Cash registers and a lot of food items like tushonkas. Also, you’ll find the many weapon cases inside the grocery store and its warehouse. Therefore the Goshen would be best described for loot and weapons.

OLI – Hardware Store

The Green walls with the same coloring on the shelves and showcases Labeling the “OLI” everywhere on the boards. The incredible place for the hardware spawns with the 18 cash registers. OLI also has the other items including fuel tanks, batteries, and gas analyzers. OLI can be entered through the north entrance of the store.

Common Area – Middle of the Mall

The common area in the middle of these 3 above stores located on the west side. The common area can be identified by the brands and vendors store for Bots, Dino Clothes, Cafe, and other stores. You can also recognize that you’re in a common area you’ll see enough bright place and the storefronts. The second floor of this area can be also identified by the open large floor and escalator.

You’ll also encounter the boss Killa of the Intechacge map in the center of the common area. Keep your eye on the sky blue lightning coming from the open roof holes

Watch this video to better understand the entire map in just 5 minutes!

Interchange MAP BOSS

Killa the boss of the tarkov Interchange map. Killa can be spawn on the Interchange map mainly in the center of the common area of the mall on the first floor mainly near the Kiba stores and escalators. He uses the light machine gun and other severe primary weapons. He’s eagerly waiting until he spots you and never misses a chance to hunt you.

Killa uses the smoke and frag grenades and relentlessly crushes enemies with automatic fire. Kill moved in a zig-zag path to avoid your fire.

Killa is heavily armed with the 6B13 M assault armor (tan) of Level 5 Vest. Be sure if you’ve geared up enough to fight with him otherwise just avoid him or don’t get spotted.