Check How Much Have I Spent on League of Legends?

Worry about the money you’d spent on unneeded stuff? Yes we do feel the same all-time when it comes to our hard-earned money. This is one of the most common and biggest problems regarding the habit of spending money on unnecessary things. For players of some epic Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Games they have no idea how much money they have spent so far since playing it for first the time.

There’re some popular MOBA Video Games for instance League of Legends is the one played by millions of players across the world. It’s better to look earlier on your Gaming expenses rather than regretting after checking our credit card bills.

So, if you are a League of Legends player then you might be curious to know “How Much Have I Spent on League of Legends till now?” since you created your account and made the first purchase in the game. And I’m pretty sure that you’ll wonder how can have I spend so much money on this?

To be honest, that’s even terrible to think about it.😨

To check, how much money you’ve spent on League of Legends you just need to Log-In with your LOL account on the Riot Games website. This is how you can check it.

Take Control!

If you’re supposed to take control of your expense, then you have to change your habit of spending too much in LOL.

Even the other players in the game are spending their money to get the things better than others that help them to become dominant in the game and compete in the game. Other LOL players have also shared their stories on Reddit, on how much money they have spent you can compare yourself with other players who are also spending in the game.

I’m not talking about neglecting the essential and amazing things on the marketplace or the Prestige Points & Skins. Try to make purchases only when you found something useful and if it is some offer or discount are available. Because at any certain time your League of Legends account may get suspended. Riot has the power to take your account down with a moment of notice and you’ll lose all of your collected and purchased goods, skins, Prestige Points, and other in-game goods.

If you understand what we’re trying to say, then you’ll never waste your money on the game just to get some fancy virtual good in the game. Using the above link you can keep checking your frequency of purchase on the game and this will help you to overcome the habit of over expenses.