How To Fix Terraria Lost Connection Issue

Does the Terraria lost connection issue also bother you? Are you not able to connect with your friend’s game? We have a solution to fix this issue. Ever since Terraria’s new 1.4 updates released the players are hyped for the update and some of them might be trying the game for the first time.

The lost connection error message is a kind of headache when you’re trying to connect the friend’s game but you don’t and you’re friends are waiting for you to join but you don’t. That feels embarrassing. But let me know you’re not the one who’s getting this popup. Most of the users are getting this error while connecting to the game. So here’s an easy fix.

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4 Ways to Fix Terraria Lost Connection Bug

The main cause for the error doesn’t know well but it more likely to have an internal bug that need to be fixed by the developer. So here we’ve shared 4 ways that could help you to solve this issue.

You can try every method and check if the error has resolved.

Update Game

Make sure that your game is up-to-date with the latest version if it isn’t then update it. Perhaps this might cause the error of terraria found server lost connection. Some players reported that the Terria just pushed out an update of around 1.5MB and this may solve this bug.

And there might be another condition that the player you want to join the game with may have a different version. So if you’re playing with your friend then ask them to update Terraria to the latest version the same as yours. So this reduces the lack of compatibility between the servers. Even the Minor version matter a lot so updating the can fix lost connection issue easily.

Verify Integrity of Game Files

Another possible solution could be verifying the game file to check if s any file is missing. Also, ask your mates of the party that you want to join to verify integrity. To run this process:

  1. Open Steam, go to Library
  2. Right-click on the Terraria then go to Properties
  3. In Properties, go to the Local Files tab. There’s an option of “Verify Integrity of Game Files” you need to click on it.
  4. The process will start and if it found any file missing or outdated then it will get replaced with the right one.

Ask your friends in the group to follow these steps to verify the game file so the version mismatch conflicts get resolved. (if any)

Join Journey Mode with new Character

If you’re joining the other’s Journey mode game and you don’t have any Journey Mod character of yours, then you may encounter this issue. So make sure to create a Journey Mode Character before joining the other’s game.

There’ll be a higher chance that creating the new character for Journey mode will solve the Terraria Lost Connection error.

Reinstall the Game

Still, getting the Lost Connection error Popup? If any of the above didn’t work out for you Umm maybe today luck is not with you. The last option left is uninstalling the game and reinstall a new copy.

A fresh installation will remove all conflicts that your game has with your system connection lost error or another. You need to reinstall Terraria from the steam don’t worry your progress won’t get vanish make sure all your saves stored in the cloud or your Steam account.

Hopefully reinstalling the game solved your issue. Now you should be able to join the other’s game party with your friends with any terraria multiplayer lost connection error. If this guide helped you then please do share it with your friends if they are also getting the same error and subscribe to Engamez for more Terraria guides.