Fortnite: How To Make A Stark Robot Dance – Week 5 Challenge


Are you ready for the Fortnite Week 5 challenges, they are finally here! Well we think you should be ready to hop in. You will require them to complete your Season 4 Battle Pass. Heard about a Stark robot dance? This week you got to get it shake its legs. Don’t worry it isn’t that dreadful. In this post we will guide you through how to make a stark robot dance. All you need is some skills and of course the knowledge of these Stark Bots.

The other enemy players are going to be a bit of a concern during these Fortnite challenges. The reason is that they will be tending to flock-in on locations where they can find Stark Bots to get this challenge over. So, you might find additional resistance in addition to Bots towards completing this challenge.

The very first thing you need to do is to find a Stark Bot. But there’s a catch. Even if you locate a Stark Bot, unlike many other challenges, it doesn’t gets over there! You need to defeat the Stark Bot and hack it so that you can make it dance.

Finding Stark Bot

It is actually quite simple! There are probably many places where they spawn, but you can find them spawning reliably in at least two places. First location is Stark industries and the second one is landing by the Quinjet. Landing at the Stark Industries location is practically difficult. The reason is many Stark bots and many other players trying to get the loot from here.

However, if you land by Quinjet the ones that players looted S.H.I.E.L.D. chest during week 2 of this game. If you can land here early on, you can easily get up to five Stark robots spawning. You can identify them by the large plumes of colored smoke coming out from the jet exhausts. You can spot them easily from the map too.

Hacking the Bot

When you find these five bots deal with them but be sure to leave one alive. You must shoot it so that it is wounded but don’t eliminate it fully. Once you get it down hack it by following the button prompts. To follow the button prompts you need to go close enough to the Bot.

It gets easy after that to make the bot dance. You need to bust a move yourself to start making it dance. Thus you can easily complete your challenge.


This challenge is a pretty meaty challenge as it lands a healthy 25,000 Battle Pass XP to the Player once completed. It is a lot more difficult than other challenges in Fortnite. But every bit of it is worth it. Besides this challenge, there is another week 5 challenges in Fortnite that can be completed as well.