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How to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2

The Risk of Rain is a fast-growing third-person shooter game. It’s a classic old school kind of game that delivers more dimensions and challenging levels to the player. It offers you random stages, the result is your every run will be different from previous.

This game is packed with many unlockable characters that are not easy to collect. As these characters make the game more realistic and powerful, you must know how to unlock them. So in this guide, you will learn how to Unlock Characters in Risk of Rain 2.

How many locked characters are in Risk of Rain 2 Game.

In Risk of Rain 2 you will be curious to change the character as you move forward in the game. There are many unique and powerful characters which helps you in throwing spells around and planting turrets and slices and dicing the enemies with a sword. All the things are available in the Risk of Rain 2 you are looking for. You just have to unlock it.

As you launch the Risk of Rain 2 you will see unlockable characters named REX, Commando, MUL-T, Huntress, Engineer, Artificer, Mercenary.

Each and every character has unique and powerful features which makes your game more joyful. Each will unlock a unique method. In this guide you will learn how to unlock Risk of Rain 2 all characters one by one.

How to unlock all Risk of Rain 2 character


To unlock: Start the game!

Commando, when you start the game you will meet the very first character commando. Commando unlock by default. You all have to play with commando until unless to shift on the other character.

Whether its cooldowns are comparatively small. Although he can prove himself with his abilities and effective moves all-around a strong character in Risk of Rain 2 battle.
He has the ability to shoot out enemies in a single move if they are in line.

Commando’s attack moves are very basic, easy to use, and powerful. Its dodge move helps you to get out of any danger problem in combat. That’s why it’s a starting unlockable character in Risk of Rain 2.


To unlock MUL-T: Beat the first level five times.

MUL-T is very powerful and easy to unlock the character in Risk of Rain 2. You just have to complete the starting teleporter level 5 times. MUL-T has very unique abilities that can swap between two attacks at a time.

He has one short nail Gun which is really best to handle crowds and bosses. and his other attack is a long-range sniper, which is best to shoot the enemies at a far distance.

Along these MUL-t also has other abilities such as a speedy dash which you can use to get away from enemies and any big harm. And a cluster of grenades which you can use to MUL-T to deal heavy damage and know out a large number of enemies.

MUL-T moves give you the ability to swap between attacks while operating Dash and grenades to fight with powerful crowds and bosses. I bet you that this character makes your game too interesting when you try his move.


To unlock: Reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event without dying.

Huntress is a very straightforward character to unlock and you can get it in your first attempt. You just have to complete the first 3 teleporter events without dying and it’s too easy.

HUNTRESS is a character that can Damage per Seconds with many abilities. Although she is a weak survivor of Risk of Rain but with supreme mobility which can damage at very large scale.

Her primary attack is not that much powerful. But huntress secondary ability is to throw a glaive that bounces up to 6 times for 250% damage. And the main thing is the Damage increases by 10% per bounce.

You should use this ability only when you have an idea that it will hit at least two enemies and when you want to get out of a dangerous situation. Huntress’s other ability is that she can fire many arrows at the target. That makes her a unique and more usable class at Risk of Rain 2.


To unlock: Complete 30 levels.

The engineer is also advantageous and easy to unlock characters. To unlock Engineer
All you need to complete “Engineering Perfection” is a challenge. To complete this challenge, you have to complete 30 stages. Don’t worry, not in a single run. You can complete the challenge in any number of runs.

The Engineer is a very useful charter when it comes to defending and placing. It has a great collection of armors. Such as place dual-turrets, deployable proximity mines and bubble shields to protect against incoming attacks.

Also, it performs a basic attack that fires volleys of bouncy grenades to fight against flying enemies. Its most powerful attack is turrets.

If you deployed turret at the best position then turrets attacks on all enemies in its rage automatically and give 100% of damage. Gauss turrets can be placed up to 2.

When you place a mine it deals 300% damage to nearby enemies and you can place up to 10 mines.


To unlock: Artificer can be unlocked you just have to spend 10 Lunar Coins in “Bazaar Between Time”.

The Artificer is a caster style character in Risk of Rain 2. To unlock Artificer you have to spend 10 Lunar Coins to “Free the Survivor ” in the Bazaar Between Time”. Lunar Coins is the currency that is dropped by the enemies. You have to grab them when they drop.

After that when you clear any stage you will see a blue portal that appears randomly. But you can only spend the Lunar Coin at Newt Altar before the activating Teleporter event. The Artificer can be found in an Ice block next to the Newt.

Artificer is expert in dealing elemental damage and powerful areas of attack. She has the ability to manage cooldowns. Artificers can shoot fire blot which deal 200% damage that ignite enemies.

Along with she can Charge Nano Bomb that deals 400%-1200% damage and knock out their enemies. The next ability is Snapfreeze, it deals 100% damage by freezing the enemies and killing them. When it comes to FlameThrower that deals 1700% damage and burns all enemies.

Artificer has NO defensive skills, your choosing position and her abilities is the main key.


To unlock: Obliterate yourself at the Obelisk when you finish the seventh stage

Mercenary is a melee type character in the risk of rain to unlock Mercenary you have to clear the seventh stage and complete the “True Respite” Challenge. To complete this challenge you have to “Obliterate yourself at the Obelisk”.

When you finish the seventh stage the Celestial Portal spawns randomly after the teleporter sequence. Now you have to make your path to choose to “Obliterate” yourself.
Remember this will quickly end your run and you get the Mercenary unlocked.

Now you can go back to continue the game or Obliterate yourself again this will give you a chance to earn Five Lunar Coins which you can use to unlock the Artificer.

Let me explain the Mercenary attack skills. He has five skills which can destroy a big crowd and bosses. The Cybernetic Enhancements skill allowed him to jump twice. Which can be used for an extra jump.

His second special ability is that laser sword that slices in front of him and deals 130% damage and every 3rd hit deal of 300% damage cover a larger area. Whirlwind skill can slice horizontally twice a time and deal 2×200% Damage.

When it comes to Binding Assault, Mercenary this skill allows you to Dash Forward up to 3 times and stunning enemies for the deal of 200% damage.

Eviscerate skills can be used to target the nearest enemies and attack them repeatedly with the deal of 110% damage.


To Unlock Rex: Complete the power plant challenge (Repair the broken robot with an Escape Pod’s fuel array” )

To unlock the Rex you have to complete the power plant challenge. The aim of this challenge is to repair the broken robot with a Fule array obtained in Escape POD. Here I want to tell you when you hold the Fuel array. Because the Fuel array is a very dangerous and totally unstable element in this challenge. If your health is down more than by 50% , you will die due to Fuel Array. And another thing you should keep in your mind is that once you take the fuel array. Then you can’t pick any other items until completing this challenge.

Now you have to go forward in Stage 4 levels and where you will find the Abyssal Depths area. Here you will find the Find Rex kept in of the small land blocks. Now use the Fuel Array next to the REX body and Unlock him.

Although Rex is a Very powerful high risk taker character in Risk of Rain 2. His abilities drain his healt when he executes them. Rex is also the best Crowd control class in the game and his skills deal with large damage.

The Natural Toxins attack is small but they reduce the mobility and damage. With the help of Directive inject you will fire upto 3 syringes that recover the deal 80% of each fire and the last syringe will recover only 30% damage.

Seed Barrage, when Rex uses this skill, loses his 15% of current health. Whenever it helps him to shoot the Mortar in the sky that deals 450% damage.

Directive Disperse, This skill is used to Fire a sonic boom, hit all enemies and make them weak and you will destroy them.

Tangling Growth this skill also drains 25% of Rex’s current health. Although it fires a flower but its stun then enemies and deal 200% damage.