Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error  – Here’s an Easy Fix!

It’s been only a few years since the Steam Deck launched and the folks started using is as it was there for a very long time. That’s what we called as the addiction of gamers. Well there’re lot of user who often faces an issue while they playing i.e. Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error.

The error itself is descriptive but most of the user don’t have any idea why this error comes to their Steam Deck and how to get rid of this?

However this is nothing like a stubborn issue in your Steam Deck, all it just require you to follow this guide to fix this cloud not syncing error. First, before we move forward to start troubleshooting this bug let us get more insight why such error happens when you’re playing and saving you game to the cloud specially in the Steam Deck.

What is Cloud Not Syncing Error in Steam Deck & Why it occurs?

The main reason why you Steam Deck showing you this error because there’s something wrong between your device and the Steam Cloud.

This prevents users to save their game progress to their Steam Cloud error, hence Steam Deck couldn’t sync to the Steam Cloud.

There could be many possible reasons behind this error, but the most common one is, the cross-platform issue. Device often shows the compatibility issue when one of the device which it is tries to communicate with have the older or newer version. Also after the recent updated the company rolled out, games have been migrated to Native from Proton (earlier version). This may cause the Steam Deck not Syncing to the Cloud error in your device when you’re trying to save or load your game progress.

How to fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error?

As we mentioned above that there could be many possible reasons that cause this cloud syncing error in Steam Deck. So for that reason we can try multiple things to overcome this issue and get rid of this error.

Force Switch From Native to Proton

First of all, we saw that, in the recent updated of Steam Deck, the games have been moved from Proton to Native platform.

Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error

So rolling it backward may solve Steam Deck Cloud syncing error.

  1. Go to Compatibility Settings of the game in which you’re getting this error.
  2. Then make the game force use the Proton platofrm instead of Native one.
  3. Restart your game.

This should fixed the compatibility issue between your Steam Deck and Steam Cloud.

Check Steam Server Status

Steam Deck Cloud syncing erro

Another possible way to fix this issue, is checking the status of the servers of the Steam Cloud.

  1. Go to the and check whether servers are down or in maintain.
  2. Under server seciton besure the option “Steam cloud Synchronization is enabled”.
  3. This option manually sync the your game save file on the cloud.

Hope this solves the error and you game is now able to sync with the Steam Cloud.

Clear Stead Download Cache

Cache always been the one of the cause of so many problems like this, once should often clear the cache of their system in order to let the device run properly without any issue.

Not Syncing to Cloud issue

So to get rid of Not Syncing to Cloud issue in your Steam, follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Steam Client app in your Steam Deck.
  2. Go to the Setting Section located at top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Now, head to the Download section.
  4. There you’ll find a button called “Clear Download Cache”
  5. Simply select that option and click OK to confirm clearing the cache.
  6. Finally, give a reboot to your Steam Deck.

Now try to open the game load your save game files, this should now solves the cloud error.

Hopefully, you troubleshoot one of the most headache in your Steam Deck, now you can enjoy your game progress seamlessly. If you find this guide helpful and your issue got resolved do let others know what method worked for you to save their time trying all given solutions.