5 Tips To Boosting Your Wireless Connection

WiFi is by far one of the best innovations that have happened in the world of internet connectivity. Gone are the days when you would be glued to one point with your computer and an Ethernet cable connected to your router just to get access to the internet. With a wireless connection, you get more flexibility.

But slow speeds and poor signal reception can turn you off. So here are 5 tips you can implement to boost your wireless connection fast and easy:

5 Tips To Boosting Your Wireless Connection

  1.    Position Your Router In A Good Spot

To get the best signal from your router, you need to position it in an open space free from obstruction. You can either mount it high up on the wall using a mounting bracket, with the antennas pointed perpendicularly.

Depending on the point from which your internet connection enters into your home, you can get some long Ethernet cables that you can clip on your walls to the central part of the house and mount your router there. Doing this will help boost your wireless connection.

  1.    Get Your Antenna Replaced

Most routers are shipped from the manufacturer with small antennas that have omnidirectional capabilities. These antennas are good in the sense that they broadcast the signal in all directions which is a plus since you get a wireless connection in the whole house. But the downside to it is that the range is very short.

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You can replace these antennas with a directional antenna known as a high-gain antenna which can increase the range by allowing you to focus the signal in a specific direction. This way you get to boost your wireless connection.

  1.    Use A Repeater

A repeater is a safe easy way you can use to boost a signal. It works the same way like a router, only that it relays an already existing signal rather than creating one. It serves as a range extender. Repeaters are easy to install and you can do it yourself.

You can use an old router that may be lying idle in the house as a repeater. You can connect multiple routers to each other using an Ethernet cable and have a new access point in your house. This is a great way to boost your wireless connection.

  1.    Install DD-WRT Firmware

You can boost your wireless connection by installing DD-WRT firmware which will extend your range. This firmware will greatly boost your router’s transmitting power and give you access to numerous security features among other wonderful enhancements.

Your router will be able to effectively handle a boost of up to 70 MW which will allow you to access the network from a longer distance.

  1.    Get Your Bandwidth-Hogging Applications Under Control

If there is an internet user in your house that regularly streams movies on Netflix, does a lot of video chats, downloads torrent files, or plays games online, you may experience bandwidth hogging which makes the internet really slow for other users.

To control this, you can use QoS (Quality of Service) to dominate these bandwidth hogs. QoS allows you to give priority to certain applications for example video chat above others say torrent downloads so that those applications that are of high importance get the bandwidth that they need.


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