Pros & Cons of Using Windows or Mac for Your Removalist Business

Packing and unpacking your personal belongings when moving can be time-consuming and tedious. For many, it is overwhelming. However, setting up your removalist company is a different kind of beast altogether. Below are  facts about using Windows and Macs for your removalist business you should know:


1) Ease of Use

The ease involved in using Windows is arguably one of its greatest benefits for businesses. If you are looking to set up your business, then you will likely need an easy to use interface. Windows has undergone numerous changes in recent years to align with user needs. As a result, any individual who is well conversant with the previous versions should find it easier to use the modern versions. It might not be the easiest just yet, but Windows is arguably an easier option than Mac. A reliable removalist company such as will adopt a customer-friendly approach to guarantee exceptional services. This is where the role of Windows hosting comes in handy.

2) Software

Windows comes to mind at the mention of the PC operating systems and office software. This is largely attributed to Microsoft’s dominance in the market. The larger the number of Microsoft users, the more the software programs and other utilities for Windows. If you need an application that fits your removalist business needs, then there are good chances that a windows version of the same exists. You may find application varieties on Macs a bit limiting owing to its limited global market penetration.

3) Supports Hardware Components

Given the large number of Microsoft users, it is obvious that most of the hardware manufacturers will support Microsoft Windows. Again, given Microsoft’s unparalleled reputation in the market, it is quite difficult for hardware manufacturers to ignore it. This works to your benefit by alleviating the worries regarding hardware compatibility. Macs are largely limited to hardware components made by Apple, and this monopoly could prohibitive in terms of costs.

4) FrontPage Extensions

Windows allow for front-page extensions. As a result, windows hosting makes it easier for you when running popular web design programs for your business. Unlike on Macs, you do not have to worry if the program is supported or not.

5) Development

A good thing about the Windows OS is that it allows for development. If you are running a removalist business, for example, it may be necessary to design an effective application that facilitates easy interaction with your prospective customers. Choose windows OS since it supports Windows applications.


However, on their downside, windows operating systems present a few challenges that you will have to accept. Microsoft Windows can be costly, and a license can cost you as much as $100.

Aside from that, security issues are another major concern with Microsoft Windows. Compared to Macs, windows are prone to viruses and other malicious attacks, which may not be ideal for your business.

Windows’s reliability is also questionable. Given their tendency to require frequent rebooting, there are possibilities of hang-up of the windows systems.