Step By Step Guide to fix all Far Cry 4 error, bugs and issues

According to Wikipedia Far Cry,  4 is an open world action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft(the most famous game developer company and the game were released on November 18, 2014. Far Cry 4 was met with a mostly positive critical reception upon release. Critics praised the open world design, visuals, soundtrack, and characters, particularly antagonist Pagan Min.

Finally I complete this game and but you know when I play this game the first time I got many errors, bugs, and some DLL errors, but this game is the best every game of the Far Cry series, so I want to play it anyway, First when I run the FarCry4.exe file, I got the error showing like this “the application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)” this is the most common error occurs many times in game Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. then, however, I solved this error during some experiments on my Windows 10 then finally I got rid of 0xc000007b error in Windows 10. 😉

Then I continue to play the Far Cry 4. This time, there is no 0xc00007b error occurred, but the game was stuck on the black screen. 🙁

This error occurred because the Far Cry 4 requires the quad-core or high processor this the minimum requirements of this game, but other users like me have not any quad core processor. I have the Core 2 Duo processor CPU then I googled about black screen issue in far cry 4 then finally I got the solution to fix this problem

How to fix all Far Cry 4 issues, errors, and bugs

Let’s follow the below steps for particular problem occurring while playing Far Cry 4 on Windows 10. We have only faced four problems while playing Far Cry 4, and these might be faced by you so if you have another issue regarding the game then feel free to ask through comments end of this article.

How to fix 0xc000007b Error in Windows 10:

To solve and fix the error on the Microsoft Windows there are so many solutions to fix, but few will be 100% works, but we’ve only shared 100% working and tested method to fix the application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b) in Windows 10.

First, make sure you installed the all required software to run game like the latest version of Direct X and Microsoft Visual C++. If you haven’t then downloaded and install both software. After installing both software then try to run the game. If the error still occurring then follow the another solution, steps given below.

Another method to fix 0xc000007b Error in Windows 7/8.1/10:

  1. First the zip file(contains five .DLL files) from here
  2. Then extract the archives/zip file to any folder.Now you’ve extracted the all five DLL file to a folder
  3. Now copy all five DLL files and paste in C:\Windows\System32 directory
  4. Now a popup window will prompt you to replace the files then replace it if any.
  5. Finally, the error is solved 🙂

How to fix black screen issue after launching the FarCry4.exe:

As we mentioned above, this problem only occurs on dual core processor, but sometimes this will happen in quad core CPU. We’re going to use the Extreme Injector v3 (Windows 10 Compatible) this injector will fix you startup black screen issue. Follow below steps to fix this problem.

  • First Download the EXTREME INJECTOR V3
  • Then turn off your Antivirus if you’ve not then turned off your Windows Defender
  • Now open the extreme injector, then click on the “Add DLL.”
  • Now choose the dualcore.dll file then run the FarCry4.exe (but don’t close extreme injector)
  • Enjoy the game on Dual Core CPU. Don’t worry this will not harm your PC and cannot overclock your CPU.

How to fix Far Cry 4 stuck at first mission of Shangri-La:

When you enter the Shangri-La, then you start running forward then you’ve not seen anything no enemies no animals. This is the bug of this game to complete the first mission of Shangri-La, follow the below steps to fix the bug (Leaving the mission zone will fail the mission) something like this.

  1. Open the data_win32 folder of Far Cry 4; there you’ll see the “patch.dat” and “patch.fat”, now move the files to anywhere on your PC but do not delete these two files.
  2. After moving the files anywhere, you want then launch the game then complete the Shangri-La level after mission completion save your game.
  3. Then quit the game, now move “patch.dat” and “patch.fat” files to their original location mean place these files in the data_win32 folder.
  4. You’ve done. 🙂

How to fix Far Cry 4 Blank/Black Map problem:

There’s one more error in Far Cry 4 i.e. black map error, When you press M or open the map while playing Far cry 4 then it will show the only Black screen in Map, there’re no legends, roads or anything. So this is the very big problem in Far Cry 4, it is impossible to complete this game without the help of Map. The map is must, to travel across the golden path in Far Cry 4, S if you want to fix this problem then follow same steps given in Far Cry 4 stuck at first mission of Shangri-La error. It will also solve this issue


Hope you like this post and it helped you, If you’re facing any other error in this game let us know in comments, we’ll help you to fix that error also and update this guide, do share this guide with your friends on social networking and some gaming groups to help other gamers to get rid of these errors.