4 Steps to Make a Saddle in Minecraft

Learn how to make a Saddle in Minecraft with 4 easy steps. A saddle is a special item in Minecraft which is not craftable, it can be discovered inside a chest in a Nether Fortress. As the majority of the items in Minecraft can be a craft in the Crafting table using the required recipes and tools.

Unlike crafting concrete powder in Minecraft, a saddle in Minecraft can’t be crafted. It doesn’t require a recipe. It is a complete tool itself which has many uses in the game.

Moreover, you can get a Saddle by fishing in the game. What does Saddle do in the game? Why do you need a Saddle?

Some similar questions might be running in your mind. A saddle helps you, player, to interact with the other things in the game. Like if you have pets like Horse, Pig, or Donkey. You can ride on your animals with the help of a Saddle.

Saddle makes your gameplay easier, as it allows you to ride on any animals except the Llama and Skeleton Horses, so you can transport easily anywhere in the game. Therefore Saddle is the life savior tool in the Minecraft.

How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft?

Now the main question of the guide is, it is really possible to make a Saddle in Minecraft?

Well, the answer is NO! because the Saddle is an item that you can’t make or craft on the crafting table, smelting, or furnace. The saddle can be discovered in the game. Yes, you can get the Saddle in Minecraft via fishing. The saddle can also be found inside a Chest which is located Dungeon or Nether Fortress.

In Short, Saddle can be obtained or discovered but cannot be crafted.

Where to Get a Saddle in Minecraft?

So, we’re going to find a saddle for you. A Saddle can be retrieved in different ways in the game. Here are the 4 steps to get a Saddle in the game.

Step 1: Find in Chests

There are many chests located in different locations in the game. You can see the all these generated chests in the Minecraft map. These chests may the thing that you’re searching for.

Dungeon Chests for Saddle

The Saddle may be found inside these chests, all you need to do is find these chests in different locations like

  • Dungeon
  • Desert temple
  • End city
  • Jungle temple
  • Nether fortress
  • Stronghold
  • Village

These chests are spawn all across the map, just go there and it’ll also depend on your luck too to get the saddle found inside the chest. However not every chest contains a saddle inside it, that why luck also matters here.

Step 2: Fishing

Another way to get a Saddle in Minecraft via Fishing. If you love to do fishing in the game, then you’ll enjoy this method. You need to have a fishing rod, if you don’t have one, you can easily craft a fishing rod in crafting table.

Fishing to get Saddle

Now get near around a lake for fishing and cast your fishing line into the water. After a few seconds, you will see the bubbles and stir in the water. You need to wait for some time until the bubbles get closer to you. It’s just like a real fishing experience.

As soon as the bubble goes under the water and the stir no longer happening at the surface, start reeling your fishing line. Now again you should be with you at this time. If it’s your day then you may catch a saddle as a treasure.

Step 3: Trading

Trade with villagers may get you a saddle. The Master-level leatherworker villagers can sell one for around 6-8 emeralds. So you can reach a villager and trade with him give him 6 emeralds and get the saddle in your inventory.

Step 4: BEAT DOWN a Ravager

Ravagers, a monster that is daunting and powerful enough to attack you also drops a saddle when you killed him. You need to beat down the Ravager but be careful full he will also attack you and can do lots of damage.

This wraps our guide to make a saddle in Minecraft. Well, not make you can get the one from methods we discussed in 4 steps. I hope you will now get a saddle and you’ll be able to ride on the back of your animal. If you liked this post then do share it with your friends.