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How Video Marketing Has Made Customer Testimonials Even More Effective

Customers that are happy and content with your products/services offered can act as the best marketing resources to spread the right word out there for your company.

All you need to do is record their experiences with the company’s services offered. This acts as an impactful tool that requires minimal efforts.

The traditional methods involved writing down and printing their testimonies that were uploaded on your website. However, with the advancement of technology, a video testimonial is an even more powerful tool to advertise.

One of the most effective marketing strategies in today’s world is video marketing. Videos naturally are more attention-grabbing, engaging, and spread more virally compared to any other forms of marketing.

Customer Testimonials Through Video Marketing

It is known that testimonial-based marketing videos create a more pronounced impact, and help in increasing brand awareness as-well-as engagement.

Some of the significant benefits of testimonial videos employed in advertising include –

1. Enunciated Credibility and Client’s Faith

Video testimonials are bound to reinforce credibility. New potential customers would instead choose to believe in the already satisfied ones than in some advertisements they come across.

A written testimonial can be declared counterfeit as there is no corroboration to testify for the same. A video testimonial helps the customers to hear it directly from the previous customers’ mouths.

Your new clients would watch people talk about your products, provide an honest, fairly candid opinion. +Video testimonials would provide a face to your business and the much-needed credibility.

You can portray your goals, products, and prime objective, and give examples of customer experiences to support every statement. Video marketing can be incredibly useful for small business marketing.

Since you entrust your reputation and faith to the customers testifying for you, It shows them that their opinion matters, and customer satisfaction is your priority.

2. Stronger Emotional Connectivity

Writing quotes on your website won’t develop an emotional connection as good as a video where you can read the face and emotions of the testimonial giving the customer.

The subtle, intricate facial expressions and variations in tone that provide gravity to words are often missed in written quotations. A reinforced layer of authenticity is established between the client and the company due to the video testimony.

Your testimonial can make them feel that they can also benefit similarly to your product or service. This emotional connection is the best way to create interest or help close a deal with a client.

The clients feel that they are getting a more personal, vis-a-vis experience with your firm.

InVideo is a free video editing software that can help you proficiently edit video testimonials and make them look more engaging and attractive.

3. Better at Humanizing Your Brand

Online businesses might seem convenient and more modernized; however, they often lack a human-to-human connection.

Customers and new clients don’t get a walk-in experience, but rather their screens bombarded with pictures of all the products available. Video testimonials can often fulfill the absence of the human factor.

Video testimonials can assist in humanizing your brand, and put a face to your company’s services.

Potential clients would be better able to confirm your product’s credibility by watching previous customers who are happy and content with your business.

This way, you can offer your clients something close to the in-store experience and provide reassurance with their choice of choosing to invest in you.

4. Gaining Exposure and Outreach

Video testimonials help you gain exposure and attain a broader outreach to possible clients. In this internet-based society, online visibility would add charms to the health of your business.

It is incredibly easy to share videos, thus spreading a good word about your company twice as fast. More and more people would view your video testimonials, and hence, you would have a diverse client base in a short time.

Video testimonials are not only engaging; they are way more amusing and unique compared to sales pitches, helping grab the attention of prospective customers.

You can effectively segregate yourself from the competition by presenting your sales pitch using video testimonials by previous customers to those who have never heard of your company before.

5. Higher Retention Rate

Watching a video has a 95% retention rate, while textual information only has about 12% of it (Source).

Since it has been discussed that videos trigger emotions and tapping parts in your brain responsible for information retention, people often develop a connection with such testimonials.

Storytelling correspondingly affects the brain. Humans are naturally more accustomed to stories, precisely what testimonials stand for. Stories that involve people surmounting their problems are especially more intimidating to the brain.

Watching a testimonial video is bound to create a lasting memory in someone’s head, as compared to merely reading text off a boring newspaper ad.

6. Higher Conversion Rate

All the marketing strategies that you would employ all have a common objective; to convert potential clients into paying ones. Video testimonials have a higher rate of conversion.

The Content Marketing Institute’s 2018 benchmarks conducted a study by asking professional content marketers about the tactics preferred to meet their organization’s objectives.

Case studies were ranked at #2, with ebooks and whitepapers taking the lead. And videos were placed at #3 on the content types used by content marketers most often.

Video marketing has caused a rise in sharing testimonials and creating a stronger foundation for people’s trust. Video sharing can drive social shares, attracting traffic to your site, establishing trust with your audience, all of which leads to a higher conversion rate.

Final Words

Video marketing has indeed significantly enhanced the overall effectiveness of customer testimonials. They have become more credible, effective, and able to influence a larger audience globally.

A huge chunk of the world’s population has access to internet online and use social media every day. People watch online videos a lot, and hence, you have a better chance of reaching them.

Video marketing has climbed the ranks of marketing tools being used by firms over the years, and as for now, it continues to influence potential customers by the day.

Choosing an online video editing tool is necessary to improve upon your video production and impart special effects to make your content look more tempting and engaging instead of being monotonous or mainstream.